The Books

Mejores Dias – Un Libro de Trabajo Para la Recuperación de Salud Mental

Mejores Dias, Un libro de Trabajo Para la Recuperación de Salud Mental, from Craig Lewis, Betterdays, 2013. 15 $ Este libro de trabajo de mejores Dias ayuda a aquellos que aspiran a la recuperacion y al bienestar, porque se dirige y reta al individuo, en maneras muy...

Betterdays – A Mental Health Recovery Workbook

BUY ON LULU.COM Betterdays, A Mental Health Recovery Workbook, By Craig Lewis, 2013. 16.99$ This book helps those aspiring toward recovery and wellness and also those in recovery, because it addresses and challenges the individual — in very real, basic and honest ways...

Craig’s Story

In defiance of a cascade of personal and professional struggles, Craig Lewis chooses to be happy. During the past five years, Craig has been healing from a traumatic brain injury caused by pharmaceutical medications. What a terrible situation it must be to have the medicine prescribed to heal us wound the brain— the most important organ in the body— instead?

Following the advice of John Lewis, he got in “some good and necessary trouble” speaking out truthfully and bravely against the family dysfunction and abuse that scarred him as a child and as an adult. This abuse left deep scars that are still visible. For ten years and through his own experience, Craig worked tirelessly in the Boston area as a Certified Peer Specialist. He helped others challenged by trauma, mental health and substance use. Two months into a new job, Craig did what no mental health worker wants to do, yet is required.This meant to not only follow the ethics required of the job, but also to protect those who are voiceless and vulnerable from abuse and neglect.


Managua, Nicaragua

Craig’s Workshop around the world

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Kavala, Greece
Montréal, Québec, Canada