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Nearly everything I care about and love, including myself, burned to the ground, since 2015. It was brutal.

In defiance, recognizing I had no one to call for help and no real options, I chose to walk a new path, and this path I chose is one of love.

Admittedly, the past 45 years of my life, by my own admission, have been both intensely devastating and also, absolutely and overwhelmingly gorgeous, because every single second, resulted in this beautiful life that I truly am living.

I am no longer left scrambling to pick up the pieces of a broken life. I am creating a brand new life with a pure heart of love, and it is this precious self-love with which my personal fuel tank is perpetually filled.

I survived all I have, to be able to help others do the same. Without question, one thing I know for sure is that if I am the expert on me, then you are most certainly the expert on you. It is your choice what you do with you life.

My name is Craig and I am a true to life; Survivor of the Impossible. My choice is to truly live, and thus; I do.


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