Books from Craig about Recovery

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Betterdays - A Mental Health Recovery Workbook


This book helps those aspiring toward recovery and wellness and also those in recovery, because it addresses and challenges the individual — in very real, basic and honest ways – to make significant cognitive adjustments in how they live their lives. The beauty of this curriculum is that people like to do it and don’t consider it a chore, a demand, or a requirement, because every page subtly encourages the individual to think in realistic and forward-moving ways. This allows them to feel good about doing the work. This book is for any person who struggles with their mental health and who wants to live a happier life as well as for any person who wants to improve their quality of life, how they deal with stress, obstacles, difficulties and other people and live a happier, healthy and much more stable life. I based this book on my personal life and recovery, and every page has been used successfully in peer group settings.