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As Craig, let us make your mad portrait by answering these 5 questions.

My punk rock nickname is Crusty Craig. My name in Mexico is Goyo.

What inspires you in life and what are your expectations?

*Viktor Frankl, the author of ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’. Viktor Frankl has guided me in spirit from since before I took my first breath in 1973.

**Paris and Marseille, France. When I arrived in Paris on January 28th, 2018, it was with a one way ticket. I had no home to return to in the United States. No home, no job, no safety, no nothing. The people I met in Paris and in Marseille, accepted me and are my friends to this day. Landing in France, with my specific set of dangerous circumstances, back in the US, was what we call in English, a « Hail Mary ». It’s an idiom and clearly as evident in me being a contributor to Comme Des Fous; My « Hail Mary » was a success.

***Doing the impossible. It is an inspirational act of love for the world to prove that the impossible is actually quite possible. It is one of my personal hobbies.


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